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Hypnobirthing Midlothian

The idea of the Hypnobirthing Studio came from my own experience as a mother taking a Hypnobirthing course.

I found that most antenatal Hypnobirthing courses took place in the client's own home. While this suits some people, I found the idea of having to make my home presentable for a stranger with a toddler running around quite stressful! Not ideal when you are trying to learn to relax while preparing for birth.

I wanted a to create a designated space to teach Hypnobirthing classes that differed from what was currently on offer in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Glasgow. An alternative to NHS antenatal classes that would allow me to work flexibly around couples' schedules. I wanted to offer local evening and weekend Group Hypnobirthing Classes and Private Hypnobirthing Classes.


I imagined a destination that made pregnant women feel comfortable with birthing balls, quality refreshments and a professional feel. A place any mother-to-be could feel truly relaxed and catered for.


I feel that couples invest their hard earned money into a Hypnobirthing course, so I wanted to invest in a luxury environment for my couples.

Hypnobirthing Studio was born (pun shamelessly intended)!

Join me as I teach you and your birthing partner to release any fears of childbirth and get excited for a calm birth. After all, you are so close to meeting your baby so let's work together to make that moment as wonderful as we can.


Register your interest to receive updates on the Hypnobirthing Studio's opening date, course details and offers. Alternatively, contact me below to send me a direct email with any queries.

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