Answering Your Questions


Answering Your Questions

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing is the gold standard of Hypnobirthing courses. It has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and is constantly developing in light of recent medical research. The course has been developed to be taught in a way that is most effective for you to learn about birth and how your mind works in labour. It is taught over approximately 10 hours and is a full antenatal course. There is no 'quick fix' or 'cramming' when it comes to birth. The more time you invest, the better results you will achieve.

At what stage in pregnancy should I book a class?

There is really no perfect time but I would advise that your 2nd trimester is a great time to begin your KG Hypnobirthing as it will give you plenty of time to practise the skills you learn in time for meeting your baby. Feel free to contact me at any time of your pregnancy to secure a date that is right for you.

Should my partner attend the class?

Absolutely! A key part of KG Hypnobirthing is the role of your birth partner. I would argue they are (almost!) as important as the mother! The fantastic thing about Hypnobirthing is that your birth partner has a clear role. They will feel involved and a part of the birth of your baby.

Will I be “out of it”?

No! Hypnobirthing is nothing like "stage hypnosis". I promise there is no clucking like a chicken! It's simply allowing your mind to be calm.

What do I receive?

Once you have booked and paid for your place on the KG Hypnobirthing course, you will receive a link to the Colourful and Calmness relaxation tracks. You will also receive a copy of “The Hypnobirthing Book” by Katharine Graves. During the classes I will provide you with course notes in a folder for you to take away and read over. You will receive relaxation scripts to practise and I will provide you with links to many positive birth stories and videos.

Is there any flexibility with class structure?

I believe the course flows best when taught over four weeks but I can work with you to meet your needs. I can teach intensively over two days if you would prefer this. Please contact me to discuss your options.