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Unplanned Home Birth: Yana's Birth Story

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

It was the 6th of August and around 11am I started getting pains. Not strong. But I decided to just stay inside that day. We were just relaxing there all day with my 3 year old playing outside. My pains continued through

out the day but didn't get stronger. So that’s why I thought it's either Braxton Hicks or a very slow start of what could still take wrong I was!

At 10pm I decided to ask my mum if she could stay the night just in case. At midnight we went to bed. I was exhausted and tried to rest a bit but that was when everything got more intense.

When I was on the toilet I got a little shock. I saw my waters bulging! It's uncommon but it can happen. I could actually see the sack and with every contraction it got bigger.

By that time it was about 2:15am. The "water bubble" was now the size of an orange. That's when I also realised that we wouldn’t make it to the hospital. We were on the phone with the midwives. They told me to get on my knees on the floor and try not to push until they arrived.

It was 2:30am when the emergency team arrived, just as I started pushing. It was powerful and fast but it only took a few pushes. Only 10 minutes and my little miracle was born on the 7th of August at 2:40am on the bathroom floor.

I couldn't believe how fast it all happened but she was now here in my arms. A healthy baby girl. Amelia Angel. I was calm. My baby was here. That's all that mattered.

So as scary as my sudden home birth might sound it wasn’t and I now wouldn't have it any other way! No complications. The emergency team was amazing. I felt good and strong. I now have an amazing birth story to tell. Whenever I am in the bathroom I can think about how my baby was born!

So if anyone is worried that they might not make it to the hospital, don't worry! Just trust yourself and your body and the people around you. Our bodies are stronger than we think.

Yana with her beautiful daughter, Amelia Angel.

Yana with her daughters at home after her birth.

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