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Why I Never Feared Birth

“I hated being pregnant, but I loved giving birth!” As a little girl the first picture painted to me of birth came from my mother. She talked about it often and always spoke of it as a truly positive experience. Her births weren’t ‘perfect’ or exclusively ‘natural’. Her aftercare wasn’t great and she did have a few complications and yet... ✨ I loved giving birth ✨ Just imagine if more little girls (and boys) heard this. The impact was not lost on me. I relished the prospect of birth. I didn’t have to be convinced of the power of positive language, positive affirmations and positive birth stories by my Hypnobirthing teacher. I knew that it would work if I committed to it. It did work for me. Beautifully. Twice! With my Mum by my side. So I implore you to talk about birth to your children. Weave it into the tapestry of important conversations to have with your daughter. Make it part of her norm because birth is the norm. And guess what? I too can turn to my daughter and say, “I loved giving birth.” But I will add, “and you will too.”

First photograph of my mother and me


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